Sean & Kathryn

Sean & Kathryn
Age: 39 and 37
Occupation: Sales Manager and Electrical Engineer
Primary Goals: Complete a scenario analysis on career possibilities, have an accountability partner, pay flat fees
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Sean and Kathryn own six multi-family investment properties and both work full-time jobs. They have been contemplating if one of them should take a step back from their career to focus solely on their investment
properties. However, they are hesitant because they aren’t sure how the lost income would impact their lifestyle and ability to retire early.

Through her research, Kathryn concluded that she didn’t want to pay a financial advisor an asset-based fee since she was comfortable managing her own investments. She wanted an advisor that she could pay a flat, on-going fee.

Her main objective of hiring a financial advisor was to have an accountability partner and someone to guide her through important financial decisions. She was passionate about investing and wanted to continue doing it herself.

Additionally, Sean and Kathryn were unsure about how to title their investment properties for proper estate planning purposes. They had a will from a year ago, but have not yet created any trusts or other entities.


Sean had voiced interest in quitting his job and potentially managing their real estate portfolio full-time. Kathryn liked this plan since she enjoyed her work as an engineer.

We were able to confirm that if Sean left his
current employer and managed the couple’s real estate investments, he could qualify as a real estate professional for tax purposes.

This would enable them to mix passive losses (e.g., depreciation expense) with Kathryn’s W2 income, which would substantially lower their annual tax bill.

Value to Client

Through detailed tax planning, the couple had the confidence to make a large career change while feeling financially secure.
Ongoing strategy sessions led to uncovering opportunities to create tax efficiency related to their real estate investments.
Since retiring early was a goal, their comprehensive financial plan provided details on the necessary steps needed to increase the likelihood of achieving financial independence within the next ten years.
Additonally, a strategy was developed to ensure the couple had the necessary documentation and living trusts in place to ensure they could create the legacy they desired.



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