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Age: 52
Occupation: Realtor
Primary Goals: Understand his path to retirement, start investing more of his money

Jason has been self-employed as a realtor for many years and owns two investment properties. He's nervous for retirement since he didn’t start saving for retirement until recently.

He's opened an IRA and has been contributing the max of $6,000 per year.

Jason would like to gain more insight on his path to retirement by determining when he will have enough in savings to be able to retire with confidence. 

Most of Jason’s retirement accounts had cash in them and were not invested. He wanted to start investing, but was nervous to lose any money. 


Since Jason had enough income to contribute more than the $6,000 IRA limit to his retirement accounts, we discussed his options. We provided him with personalized education around the pros and cons of different retirement accounts that would enable him to contribute a higher annual amount (e.g., Solo 401(k), SEP IRA). 

We conducted a retirement projection analysis to show how different decisions would impact Jason’s retirement income. Examples of these decisions included, saving more, investing his money, and quantifying moving out of state during retirement, which was something Jason was interested in doing. 

To help demonstrate both the risks and benefits of investing, we provided Jason with data to show the historical probability of success with different investment strategies. 

Value to Client

• Opened a Solo 401(k) to allow Jason to contribute up to $61,000 per year, which is significantly more than what he could contribute with his IRA and will help accelerate his path to retirement

• Developed a conservative asset allocation that would allow his money to grow, while taking minimal risk and ensuring he had a sizable emergency fund to meet any unexpected needs

• Provided Jason with clarity on necessary steps to take in order to have the income in retirement that he desires


Sean & Kathryn

Occupations: Lawyer and Electrical Engineer
Primary Goals: Complete a scenario analysis on career possibilities, have an accountability partner, pay flat fees
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