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Name: Mason
Age: 42
Occupation: Self-employed (owns a software firm)
Primary Goals: Develop a financial plan, feel in control of financial life

Mason runs a successful business that he started in his early twenties and grew to over 10 employees.

His focus on growing his business has enabled him to generate high income, but he doesn’t have the time or energy to ensure his investments are managed in an efficient manner that is aligned with his objectives. He relied on a financial advisor, at a large commercial bank.

Mason hadn’t been in regular communication with his financial advisor and didn’t know much about how his money was managed. 

Mason decided that he was tired of not being more intentional with his investments and wanted a financial advisor that could also serve as a money coach and teach him more about his portfolio. This way, he could still dedicate the majority of his time to growing his business, but also have the knowledge to ensure that his savings were being invested properly. 

Additionally, Mason was regularly pitched by Life Insurance companies that tried to sell him a permanent life insurance policy.

He was tempted to purchase one because the pitch sounded attractive, but he wanted a second opinion from someone who was not trying to sell him anything. 


The primary objective was to move Mason’s assets away from high-cost, active mutual funds to cost effective, passive funds with an asset allocation that matched his risk tolerance and goals.

This was accomplished using tax software that enabled the money to move in a tax efficient manner in order to minimize any capital gains tax. 

Additionally, the financial plan we created for Mason provided in-depth personalized education to help him gain more clarity into his financial life.

We walked through the financial plan with Mason until he had confidence in the direction of his financial life. 

Value to Client

• Mason moved his “A” and “C” share class mutual funds to low-cost ETFs, resulting in a savings of $14,000/year in fund management fees. 

• Through an insurance analysis, it was determined that low-cost term life insurance would be more suitable to Mason than higher cost permanent policies. 

• The comprehensive financial plan showed Mason he could achieve his path to financial independence well before reaching traditional retirement age.

• Accompanying this were recommendations for the optimal asset locations, given his potential early retirement. 

• Through annual strategy meetings and quarterly review sessions, Mason received the level of communication he desired from his financial advisory partners. 

Most importantly, Mason now has the peace of mind that his money was working for him just as hard as he was working to grow his business.  


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