Name: Ava
Age: 39
Occupation: Product Manager at Technology Firm
Primary Goals: Navigate equity compensation, continue building wealth in real estate investments

Ava works at a technology firm that recently went public. As part of her equity compensation, she has received RSUs and ISOs.

She is concerned about having too much of her net worth in one company. She also would like to gain more clarity on the tax consequences of her equity compensation.   

Ava does not currently own any investment properties, but she has been learning more about investing in real estate and would like to get started. She isn’t sure how much she should allocate to real estate investments vs more liquid forms of savings.

She also is weighing the pros and cons of investing in a property herself or investing in a real estate syndicate. 


As part of Ava’s comprehensive financial plan, we walked her through the possible options to diversify her financial capital so she can have less of her wealth concentrated in one company.

Additionally, we provided Ava with personalized education for the possibility of utilizing a type of charitable trust in order to manage her tax liability from her equity compensation. 

We also talked to Ava more about her goals with building wealth in real estate. Since several of our clients are real estate investors, we offered to introduce Ava to some of them for her to hear more about their experiences.  

Value to Client

• Lowered risk level by adding diversification to her investments

• Provided guidance and helped to set up the most appropriate charitable trust to meet her philanthropic goals and minimize her taxes

• Introduced her to network of real estate investors to help her continue learning about real estate investing


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